About Me...

If I were to ask someone to describe me, I'm sure that I'll be a warm and bubbly personality {when I'm not having a moment, lol}. I have morals and values that transcend far beyond my years of age. I love reading romantic stories and wishing that my perfect beginning would come sooner rather than later. I love aquarims and tiny dogs. I like crafty things, something that I get from mom. I'm headstrong, a trait from dear old dad. I must say, with parents like mine, I never grew up wanting for anything but I learned the hard way that peer pressure forces you to prove yourself to others who really shouldn't matter.
Growing up I was teased relentlessly by family and friends because of my weight. I was called names like "Miss Piggy", and "Fatso." Names that would really hurt. No one came to my rescue. I would walk up hills in the hot afternoon sun after school, lose weight and it never seemed like enough. When I reached my high school years, I fell in love with my flat tummy, small waist, thick thighs, huge eyes, thick hair, and even my large nose. Unfortunately, I lost myself a few years ago when the stresses of the world knocked me down on my ass and dragged me around.

Too many years too late, I realized that the person I was became buried under excess weight and my happiness and dreams would all begin to suffer. I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance, PCOS, Diabetes, Infertility and a vast amount of other crap that I can't remember. I'm not even 30 years old and to get out of bed I have to roll, not cute. My feet are sometimes so swollen that the bottom of them are sometimes really red. A nurse practitioner asked me about Medifast a year ago. Cost is always an issue. One year later, I have seen two people in my community who have had great success with Medifast and trust me, seeing is believing. YouTube couldn't light a match to what I saw in person. So, I decided to sign up and take charge of my life in efforts to restore balance and get rid of all these ridiulous ailments that I've been diagnosed with.
Thanks for coming,
...Toy :)

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