Sunday, 4 March 2012

I Survied Day Four :)

I'd like to put it out there that I didn't cheat at all today.  I am so excited by the fact that I stuck to the plan without having any urges and weaknesses.  Today was also my third attempt at a brownie and it came out perfect.  The first attempt I thought that if I added a little bit more water I would get a fluffy, cake type brownie. FAIL!  The second time I added a little less water and the thing still turned out like paste.  That's not even the bad part.  I still ate it, every pasty drop of it.  If I was thinking, I would've put it in the freezer and hoped for a frozen fudge treat.  I can see me ordering a few boxes of brownies for my next order. They are really good once prepared correctly.  The apple cinnamon oats are very good too.  I actually put in about two ounces of extra water and leave it sit for a while, microwave it again and I have sort of a oatmeal that's drinkable in my tea cup.  Trust, me, I'm not crazy.

The one meal that I really can't stand is the pancakes.  I even watched an interesting video on YouTube where a the pancake batter was microwaved three times at 20 second intervals.  The first time I tried it, it was just a bubbling foam. Obviously I wasn't going to eat that.  The second time around, I used less water and the texture was basically a mixture of paste and dough.  Well, sadly, I sucked it up and ate it while holding my breath. That was a long five minutes.  I don't think I will ever, ever ever, order those pancakes again.  Seems like I've been eating paste a lot.  Instead of swapping the two boxes that I have I might just make the batter with a little less water and hope it forms into cookie dough.

My "Do Not Order Again" list currently consists of the peanut butter crunch bar, the tropical fruit punch, the banana creme shake, and ofcourse those pancakes  I still can't get used to the peanute butter bar and the fruit punch tastes like something went wrong at the factory. I also have the banana pudding that I was afraid of after tasting the creme shake but it's not that bad.  I used water that was almost frozen to mix it and right away the consistency was almost exactly like regular pudding. I put it in a little tupperware and I'll have that before I go to bed tomorrow morning.

The chicken soups smells nice but i may have to add some bouillon cubes or Mrs. Dash as it's a little bland.  I still have yet to try the rest of my shakes which are the Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla and Strawberry. Day by day I'm also growing concerned about those darn eggs, I'll try those in the morning when I get home.

As far as the foods that I don't like, my plan is to consume those until I get rid of them.  For example, I'll try each item once, put aside the ones that I like and scarf down the ones I don't.  I would probably do just fruit punch and banana creme shakes until they are done.  Then do the pancakes, puddings and eggs until those are gone too.  I'll try the shakes the day after tomorrow and then I'll know if I have to move those up or down the line.  This way, I get stronger by building self control and at the end of the month, I'll know what I love and be able to do the program without any more bumps.

Every thing else went smooth.  I got in about six cups of water today, nine short of my goal.  My intake is climbing each day so I believe that by the end of next week I'll be gulping like a fish. 

Striving for Success...


  1. AUGH are you microwaving your pancakes??? If so let's not write them off right quick until you try them in a skillet like regular pancakes