Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Last Day Before My Big Journey

Pardon my appearance.  I'm tired as hell, my camera sucks and I need a perm... And so what? So I decided that I'm going to start on the first of the month. I'm hoping to have a reason to celebrate a milestone at the first of every month rather than just looking forward to paying to rent.  In this video, I talk about how nervous I am and some of the things that I'm going to miss.  I'm about to go start separating my boxes into days so that I don't have to go digging every time I'm hungry.

My only concern is that I'm starting on the first but just a day later I'll be on the 12:00hrs to 09:00hrs shift and it may prove a little difficult to me in the beginning.

The quality of the webcam is highly unacceptable.  Makes me feel a little less pretty.  I'm hoping that I'll conquer that in a few.  I may try to get a better, updated or use my Kodak camera to film.  Bare with me in the meantime... and be nice.

Toy.. :)

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