Saturday, 25 February 2012

Getting Ready to Roll...

In the next few days I’ll be mentally preparing to start Medifast. I have spent a year thinking about it and I think that the time is right. I’ve gained 17 pounds since this exact time last year.  My reasons for wanting to do it mainly fall along the lines of me being tired of being sick and tired of being fat.  I despise having to constantly smile like it doesn’t bother me when people comment on my weight.  Being from the islands, it happens as soon as I step out of my door.  I’m surpised that my reflection doesn’t have much to say.

I’ve searched on YouTube, different blogs and many different venues for results that could persuade me. I have seen a handful of success stories and let me tell you, seeing it on the internet is nothing like seeing it in person.  The only thing that bothered me about online research was it was easy to see before and after but I never saw much of what took place in between.  I never heard about the struggles as the weeks go by.  I’m looking for the reality of it. This is what prompted me to start setting up my blog… well that and the fact that I need somewhere to vent and get my other frustrations out.  If all goes well I plan to do weekly updates and even a video or two.  I’m camera shy so try not to laugh at my pictures.
Wishing myself luck on this journey, a wish or two from you would be helpful too. :)

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