Monday, 5 March 2012

Push. Until. Something. Happens.

So yesterday's day five was a good day as far as the meals are concerned.  Well, not quite.  I had a grilled chicken salad for my lean and green, chicken and wild rice soup (I'm wondering if that's why my skin is itching), apple and cinnamon oatmeal, southwest style eggs, strawberry shake, and a banana pudding.  Once again, I will say that some of these would not make it to my reorder list.  Last night after eating the chicken and wild rice soup my skin started to itch.  I was really uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if something in it was the cause.  I'm not allergic to much.  The southwest style eggs are not gross, they are tolerable only until the box finishes.  The strawberry shake is also not going to make it to the next round.  I was also pretty energetic at work last night with the help of a green tea and lemon flavor infuser.

The depressing part of the day came when I stepped on the scale. I know that I said I wasn't going to weigh until 15th but the scale called out to me. I have not lost a single pound.  The scale actually says that I've gained (.2) bringing me up to 266.4lbs when I started at 266.2.  I felt like a train that ran off its tracks.  I wanted to cry, scream and throw the rest of my meals through the window and jump out right behind of it.  My first few days were rocky indeed but I guess with five days into the program I thought that I would've lost at least two pounds on the scale.  I felt so discouraged. 

I had to call my buddy Jewel to vent.  In the end I went to bed with a headache.  I woke up and went back on the damn scale just to see if it was a dream and the display showed 264.4  What the hell ever!  I'm trying really hard to stay positive, Iwasnt expecting to be feeling so defeated less than a week into my journey.  I had to go on YouTube to watch inspirational videos all over again.

With that day now in the past, I decided that I'm going Push Until Something Happens.  I started today with a dutch chocolate shake and I must say, that is the best liquid drink besides the hot cocoa that I like.  Those will definitely go on my next order.  Right now I'm having a chicken noodle soup as my job environment can be very cold when I'm on the night shift.  I still this soupd could use a bouillon cube.

I'm going to keep on pushing and if you like me, you should keep pushing too.  If you've been there then what the heck, pull me along ;)

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